Published on Apr 25, 2022
25th April 2022 Current Affairs

1.Wild Poliovirus Type
The recent news of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) in Malawi imported from Pakistan and of polio outbreak in Israel caused by ‘ Circulating Vaccine – derived polio virus type 3 ‘ (cVDPV3) are visible signs of floundering polio eradication.

When a Virus in Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) de-attenuates by mutations, acquiring transmission efficiency and neuro-virulence , it is called cVDPV3. The eradication target , when launched in 1988 , was 2000 . The World Health Organisation assumed the task , assigned by unanimous resolution in the World Health Assembly (WHO) , the forum of Ministers of health of all nations.

After wild virus type 3 globally eradicated in 2012 , vaccine virus type 3 had to be removed for avoiding VAPP. The probability cVDPV3 outbreak is low in India , but on account of our population size of 1400 million , its impact is likely to be enormous. India must withdraw type 3 and continue monovalent type 1 OPV , which also must be withdrawn after reaching 85-90% coverage with IPV , three doses per child.

2.Palli in Jammu and Kashmir

Palli Village in samba district of Jammu and Kashmir has become the first Panchayat in the country to become carbon-neutral , fully powered by solar energy. All its records have been digitized and the benefits of all the central schemes are available in this village around 17 km from Jammu.
Inaugurating a 500-Kilowatt solar power plant in Palli, it is India that has come up with a living example in the form of Palli village on the Glasgow Pledge.
In this process, panchayats will segregate waste at the doorstep and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

3.Lata Mangeshkar Award
Paying tribute to the late Mangeshkhar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said she was India’s cultural ambassador who left an indelible imprint on the world of music over her nearly eight-decade long career.
Narendra Modi , where he received the first Lata Mangeshkar award , instituted in memory of the Legendary singer who passed away in February.
The award citation praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an international statesman who has put India on the path of global leadership.

4.Laureus Awards
Dutchmen Max verstapen , the 2021 Formula one world champion , was voted the sportsman of the year in the 2022 Laureus World Sports Award during a virtual event from Seville , spain.
The honour for the sportswoman of the year went to Jamaican athlete Elaine Thompson – Herah. In the tokya Olympic Games , she not only retained the 100m and 200m gold medals but also added the 4* 100m relay crown.
a.Nagaland become a corono virus – free state and the active case count hit zero for the first time in the northeastern state , since May 2020.
b.Tangkhul Folk dance from Nagaland.
c.Passion assets refer to investments in collectibles such as art , paintings and antiques.
d.French President Emmanuel Macron defeated his rival Marine Le Pen in presidential elections.
e.All India Household Consumer Expenditure Survey , usually conducted by the National Statistical Office(NSO) every five years. It helps assess poverty levels and consumption patterns across the country , and rebase GDP calculations.
f.Andhra Pradesh has bagged the best performed award and recognition for best practices in malaria elimination from the central government.
g.Zero shadow day happens when the sun is directly at the Zenith point of the sky dome , resulting in the phenomenon of no shadow for a period of time. This can be observed only in the regions between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.