21st April 2022 Current Affairs
Published on April 22, 2022, 12:50 p.m.

1. INS Vagsheer

The sixth and last of the French Scorpene – Class submarines , INS Vagsheer , was launched into water at the Mazagaon Docks in Mumbai.

The six submarines were being built under Project – 75 by the Mazagaon Docks.

  • INS Kalvari was commissioned in December 2017
  • INS Kandheri in September 2019.
  • INS Vagir in November 2020.
  • INS Karanj in March 2021.
  • INS Vela in November 2021.

The sixth submarines will now commence setting to work various equipment and their harbour trials. The crew will thereafter sail the submarine for the rigorous sea acceptance trials after which the submarine would be delivered to the navy by late next year.

INS Vagsheer was launched by Veena Ajay Kumar , in keeping with the naval tradition of launch and naming by a woman.

The tender to build six more advanced conventional submarines under project – 75I is in the request for proposal stage. The Navy has 30-year submarines building programme and after the P75-I , it intends to design and build conventional submarines indigenously.


2. Delhi Municipal Corporation Act - Critiques

Recently , the Parliament passed the Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Act , 2022 and it was a move that appears simply unify the trifurcated Delhi Municipal Corporations , the Central Government has conferred upon itself various crucial powers to assume control over the Municipal Corporation of Delhi from the state government.

The casualty of these changes introduced by the central government is federalism.

The central government’s line is that the amendment has been passed as in Article 239AA of the constitution , which is a provision that provides for special status to Delhi.

The central government has also taken over powers from the state to decide on matters such as salary and allowances , leave of absence of the commissioner , etc,.

The constitution has mandated a federal balance wherein independence of a certain required degree is assured to state governments. As opposed centralism , a balanced federal structure mandates that union does not usurp all powers and the states enjoy freedom without any unsolicited interference from the central government with respect to matters which exclusively fall within their domain.

The interference of the centre in matters such as municipal issues strikes a blow against federalism and the celebrated indian model of decentralization.


3. Climate Emergency

The global temperature has increased significantly , owing to human activity and is proceeding at an unprecedented rate. According to the data collected by NASA , activities such as burning of fossil fuels , livestock farming , and deforestation among others have resulted in the warming of Earth and brought about widespread and rapid changes in the atmosphere , ocean and Biosphere.

For instance the production of carbon dioxide is increasing 250 times faster than it did from natural resources after the last Ice Age. The heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases has resulted in the rise of the average temperature by about 1 degree Celsius since the late 19###sup/sup### – Century.

Arctic sea ice extent and thickness have also declined significantly , with the value being the lowest and the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are also losing significant amounts of land based ice.

In the last century , the global sea level rose about 8 inches . Alarmingly , the rate at which sea level rose has also doubled in the last two decades and is accelerating every year. Further 90% of global warming is occurring in oceans , harming the ecosystem.


4. Government Amends Rules for Nidhi companies

To protect the interests of the public and prevent potential illegal fundraising activities , the centre has amended the rules governing Nidhi Companies.

Now , the public companies seeking to function as Nidhi companies must obtain a prior declaration from the central government before accepting deposits.

The move by the corporate affairs ministry came against the backdrop of a significant rise in the number of Nidhi firms in recent years and instances of the public getting duped by fraudulent activities.



Prime Minister announced that a special visa category would be created soon for those who want to travel to the country to avail themselves of AYUSH therapies.


Russia had conducted a first test launch of its sarmat inter-continental ballistic missile , a new addition to its nuclear arsenal.

7. Wimbledon

Tennis players from Russia and Belarus will not be allowed to play at Wimbledon this year because of the war in Ukraine.